Is the Practical Audio Visual Chinese book is outdated?

I shared which text book that the students use in Shida for learning Mandarin in the previous post ( Now, on my 3rd book, I'm starting to think that these series of textbooks is kinda...outdated and boring. And despite the coming exam, I'm already sick of memorizing the characters and the boring conversation doesn't help much.

To be honest with you, I'm better at memorizing 懷化(Huáihuà) a.k.a. bad words than the super polite choice of words which nowadays people will not use anyway like..幸會 (Xìng huì) (re: Nice to meet you).

Why it's getting boring? To start with, let's focus on the book 3 since this book is the one that I'm having the most problem on the content. Although, I have to admit that the quality of English used in this book is better than Book 1 and Book 2). The conversations in the whole book is not up-to-date and there's no way I'm using the phrase on the book to talk about current day-to-day matters with my friends. And the sounds provided in the CD for the listening practice has a very formal, expressionless tone (if you get what I meant, it sounds like some kind of heartless interviewer sometimes). For those of you currently at Book 3, have you developed an urge to slap Gao Wei Li when you see him in real life? His mundane questions...urghhh. 

The main problem comes when the book is boring, I'm struggling to memorize a lot of words. Added that by the complex structure of traditional characters, I rely on "write-as-much-as-you-can" method to memorize the characters. Studying Mandarin without investing hours on it is hard. And at this rate, I probably will invest in some manga instead to study about everyday's life conversation skill. =P

P.S. if you want to learn on business conversation skill, please don't study from manga. Haha.

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