Mandarin Vocabulary Series: Night Market Food

There is no way to learn a language without memorizing some vocabularies. Aaaaa~~~ O_O

To be honest with you, it is easier to memorize those words that you really need to use in real life. Especially when it involves my favourite activity in Taiwan ~~ eating! Yum! 

To start this vocabulary series, why don't we start with those food we often see at night market? 

1. 臭豆腐 chòu dòufu / stinky tofu

2. 鍋貼 guōtiē / fried potstickers

3. 蚵仔煎 kèzǎijiān/ oyster omelette

4. 雞排 Jī pái/ crispy chicken

Taiwan Crispy Chicken
5. 香腸 Xiāngchángsausages

Taiwanese Sausages
Sharing these vocabularies make me hungry. Shall I make a dash to the night market now? =P

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  1. Hi! how many months did you study mandarin in Taiwan? hoping for a me at .thank you!

  2. Hi Hennie! I've studied there for 6 months. :)