When life just sucks..

I thought today is gonna be like any other day. And it's Friday. Everyone in class happily anticipating the upcoming weekend. "週末快樂" (re: happy weekend) can be heard from every classroom. That's until the end of the first break. 

Suddenly a lot of commotion can be heard from the ladies washroom. There's a loud "thunk!" voice somewhere. A teacher was wondering why one of the cubicle was locked without anyone inside. And yes, someone is committing suicide at the school by jumping from the 9th floor. People are crying. It's a complete mess. Really. 

We totally lost the mood to continue our class. To make matters worse, one person in our class was absent and the teacher was worried that she was the one committing suicide. Thanks goodness it was not her. 

Turns out it was one of the teacher. Does not make it any better though knowing that someone is committing suicide by jumping from the washroom, which is located near to your classroom. =S

I really do not know what to say in this situation. It's just sad. Hopefully people can see the ray of hope even when they walk in the midst of darkness. 

"But in the end, one needs more courage to live than to kill himself." - Albert Camus

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