Taiwan Cafe: Cama Cafe, Gongguan

If you love to chill out in a cafe, Taipei is a place for you to be. There are cafes at every corner in Taipei. I love it!

The mascot of this one particular cafe drew me in.

Cama Cafe Taipei Taiwan

Cama cafe is one of coffee shop's franchise in Taiwan. Its size is smaller when compared to Starbucks. 

Cama Cafe Gongguan Taiwan
But it serves a variety of coffee from americano to espresso to latte to macchiato. And it's way cheaper than Starbucks. 

If you are non-coffee drinker, Cama Cafe sells tea and chocolate too. Yummy!

Cama Cafe Taiwan Menu
Not sure why the Christmas decoration are still hanged. But I do notice that Taiwanese like to leave out Christmas decorations at certain places. Well, one year is passing by very quickly. I suppose they will spare the hassle by leaving the decorations hanging there? LOL.

Cama Cafe Christmas Decoration Gongguan
If you want to brew your own coffee at home, you can buy the coffee powder at Cama Cafe. I'm not a fan of DIY coffee because I'm such a lazy bum at home. That, and I like to hang out with friends outside my house because my house is very small and there's basically no space for all of us to move around.

Cama Cafe Coffee Powder Taiwan
Cama Cafe sells coffee maker too, if you are interested. 

Cama Cafe Coffee Maker Taiwan
Finally, my order of ice milk tea is ready. Time to slurp it happily. I love Taiwanese milk tea. Awesome! ^^

Cama Cafe Milk Tea Taiwan

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