Taipei Eats: Hello Kitty Sweets, Zhongxiao Fuxing

It happened that my birthday fell on one of the days I'm living in Taipei. It does not happen every year that you celebrate your birthday overseas so yeah, I'm pretty excited about how to spend my birthday. Hehe.

And to make it even friend brought me to Hello Kitty Sweets. Awww, I'm into Kitty so I'm very happy. Teehee.

The cafe's decoration is easily spotted from outside. 

Hello Kitty Sweets
The cakes at the display are too cute to eat...Aww!

Hello Kitty Cakes Taiwan
There is a minimum order of 300NTD for every dine-in customer. Looking at the price of the drinks, 300NTD is not that difficult to achieve. 

Hello Kitty Cafe Taipei Menu
We came to the cafe around 4pm-ish and at that time, they were serving tea-time. So each of us ordered a cake-set, which comes with Hello Kitty milk pudding. It tastes normal but hey, it's Kitty. XD

Hello Kitty Cafe Pudding Taiwan
My cake-set, I chose the chocolate cake simply because I love chocolates. And the cafe does well on the presentation. The chocolate cake tastes pretty good.

Hello Kitty Cafe Chocolate Cake Set Taiwan
My friends ordered Mango pudding with cookie base. It's not bad but I like my chocolate cake better. Hehe.

Hello Kitty Mango Pudding Set Taiwan
My latte tastes pretty sweet. I tried drinking without destroying that Hello Kitty stamp on the float. Pretty difficult to do. =P

Hello Kitty Sweets Taiwan Cafe Latte
Don't forget to visit the washroom. It is decorated with Kitty all over its mirrors. 

The total bill comes at 790NTD for two. It's definitely not cheap but it's worth it if you are a Hello Kitty fan. =)

But, where is it located anyway? To start off, you can take the MRT to Zhongxiao Fuxing MRT Station. Take the exit no 3 and just follow the direction on the map to point A. It's easy to get lost in Taipei's alleys. I did snap the picture of the map before going there so yes, it helps to have a map on hand. =)

Hello Kitty Cafe Taipei Map

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