Taipei Eats: A random Japanese restaurant, Gongguan

When you are staying in Taipei, everyday is an adventure to...look for a good food. Unless you are not a glutton like me, I suppose. Tonight, my classmate and I decided to venture one stop away from Taipower Building Station, Gongguan.

If you don't know it yet, there are a lot of restaurants and food stalls in Gongguan, both on the main streets and on the alleys behind the main streets. This is how the alley looks like. Food on the right, food on the left. Plus motorbikes.

A typical alley in Gongguan Taipei Taiwan

We were so hungry after class, so we just followed our intuition and...our "eyesight". And we were tempted by the display of this Japanese restaurant.

Gongguan Japanese Restaurant Taipei Taiwan
The name of the restaurant. I'm really sorry but I can only read the last two characters - 拉麵/ Lāmiàn i.e. Japanese Ramen. XD

Japanese Ramen at Gongguan Taipei Taiwan
As what the name said, the restaurant serves a variety of ramen. They also have the rice set too. 

Gongguan Japanese Restaurant Menu Taiwan
Which is good for me, cause I was having a craving for an omurice. 

Japanese Omurice at Gongguan Taipei
My friend ordered Chicken Karage Set. We were so not into ramen that night. Maybe we love eating rice so much. Hahaha. 

Chicken Karage Set Gongguan Taipei Taiwan
Each rice set costs around NTD 120 - 150. And they taste pretty decent although not that special. The restaurant is located on the alley near "Two Peck".

We are so gonna get fat in Taiwan. 

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