Transportation in Taipei: How to ride bus in Taipei?

Taking a bus is one heck of a challenging affair for me. Especially during those first few weeks in Taipei. But once you are used to it, it's pretty convenient to take bus to go from one place to another in Taipei.

Taipei Bus

First of all, we need to find the bus stop first. Bus stops are located almost everywhere in Taipei. And you will be able to see which bus stops at this bus station. 

Taipei Bus Stop

If you look closer, you will be able to see the complete route of the bus. Some of the stops (like MRT stations) have their English name written below.

Taipei Bus Directions

One thing to note is the direction of the bus. You need to see the "arrow" mark to know which direction the bus is going. And sometimes this can be quite confusing. It'll be easier once you get used to Taipei's road direction. =P

Taipei Bus Route Direction

OK, you know where you are going. You have successfully give signal to the bus driver to stop and are you supposed to pay the bus driver? You just need to get your EasyCard (yes, that MRT card) ready and..tap?? Wait a minute! There's another step that you need to see before you decide to tap or not. 

Oh no! Another bus sign and it's in Mandarin. O_o!

Taipei Bus Sign

Basically bus fares in Taipei is divided by section (one or two), and this, affects when the passengers pay. When you step into the bus, check this sign out. If the sign begins with 上 you tap in the EasyCard when you get on the bus. If the sign says   you tap the EasyCard when you get off. 

If you paid when getting on and the sign changes to 下 during the journey, do not panic! (I was panicking a bit when that happened the first time though. I thought I saw the sign wrongly!). If that happens, simply tap again when you are getting off the bus because you have traveled through two bus zones.

Intimidating enough? Don't worry and take the challenge. Once you have taken a few rides, you'll start to love the buses. Sometimes they are more convenient than the MRT. Really! And the most important thing, they are cheaper! Especially if you are students! Woohooo!

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