Wandering into Beitou Hot Spring Museum, Taiwan

On the way to the thermal valley, we saw a queue in front of a house. Turned out it is the entrance to Beitou Hot Spring Museum.

Beitou Hot Spring Museum Taipei Taiwan

This museum shows how the bathhouse looks like during the Japanese colonial era.

Beitou Hot Spring Museum Taiwan

Inside the bathhouse, there is an old cinema too...showing Chinese movies played long long time ago. XD

Beitou Hot Spring Museum Old Movies
Beitou Hot Spring Pool. So many people soaked themselves inside the hot spring pool in the olden days.

Beitou Hot Spring Pool Taiwan
After soaking themselves in the hotspring pool, the olden days people lounge around in the terrace and have some chit chat...

Beitou Hot Spring Museum Terrace Taiwan
...while enjoying the view. Hmm, okay, those buildings did not exist on those days.

XInbeitou View From Hot Spring Museum Terrace
The museum is quite fun and informative and most importantly, no admission charged! Woot! =)

Note: You need to take off your shoes/ sandals and change into the bathhouse sandals. You can put your shoes/sandals in the prepared lockers and make sure not to lose the locker keys while wandering inside the museum. =)

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