What to see in Xinbeitou? - Part 1

Once we checked our position in the map, we walked to the nearest spot, Beitou Park (北投公園/ Běi tóu gōngyuán). It's actually located just behind the map. XD

Beitou Park Taipei Taiwan

Taiwan has a lot of parks and I suppose this is a good thing for its residents. When the weather is good, they can simply pass the time by hanging around in the park, either playing with kids, walking the dogs or chit-chatting with the neighbours. 

Inside Beitou Park Taiwan

The park has..something that looks like a fountain. But it didn't work at that time. 

Inside Beitou Park Taipei Taiwan

Just across the park lies the Ketagalan Culture Center. Inside, you will know further about the various indigenous tribes of Taiwan including the northern Taiwan Ketagalan Tribe. I think the tribe is extinct now. But if you are curious to know more, you can pop by here. The center is closed on Mondays. 

Ketagalan Cultural Centre Beitou Taiwan
The next landmark to visit is called Plum Garden. This was once the summer getaway home for famed Chinese calligrapher, Yu You-ren. The house was built around 1930s and it has a spacious courtyard with a lot of trees, including plum. The house has Japanese-style wooden structure. Nowadays, it has become one of tourist attractions in Beitou area.

Plum Garden Beitou Mansion Taiwan
There are a lot of trees but the yellow hibiscus caught my eyes. So pretty. =)

Yellow Hibiscus Plum Garden Mansion

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