Taipei Eats: Sadaharu Aoki, Bellavita Taipei City Hall

Taipei is a big city and like the other big cities in the world, it has a lot of shopping malls. Since my roomie and I don't have anything planned this Sunday, we decided to go to Xinyi and just wandering into some shopping malls. Good thing to do on a rainy day.

And Bellavita is our chosen shopping mall to wander into. Simply because it looks majestic from afar. Like some kind of European-influenced-building.

Bellavita Taipei City Hall Taiwan

Bellavita was opened in 2009 and it houses mostly those luxury brands including Hermes and Tiffany & Co. The design of the mall is heavily influenced by European architecture and it took 5 years to build the building.

Bellavita Taipei City Hall
Don't you feel like grabbing those shoes in display? XD

Shoes Display at Bellavita Taipei City Hall Taiwan
Like any other shopping mall, Bellavita has its own food hall which is called "Gourmet Hall". It's located at level B1. 

Gourmet Hall at Bellavita Shopping Centre Taipei City Hall
The gourmet hall is occupied by mostly those expensive restaurants. One of the famous patisserie, Sadaharu AOKI is also located here. 

Patisserie Sadaharu Aoki Bellavita Taipei

We only ordered one cake and two additional macarons because the price is literally killing my student's wallet. One macaron costs 90NTD while the cake's price can easily exceed 200NTD. U_U.

Sadaharu Aoki Chocolate Cake and Macarons Taipei
The place is not really camera-friendly so we need to take picture in stealth mode. Oh well, at least the taste of the cake and the macaron is not bad although we don't really feel they are worth the hefty price tag. Do visit when you have just gotten your paycheck. =P

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