Enjoying the local art @ Simple Market, Taipei

The adventure at Simple Market has not ended yet. I went to the one of the house. I think it's the one near Good Cho's. And I was welcomed by the art installation on the wall. Nice!

Taipei Simple Market Art Wall

Closer look at the pictures hanged on the wall. I could not draw this good when I was small. To be honest, my mum often drew for me in those days. =P

Taipei Simple Market Children Doodle
Not sure if this doll is the mascot of the place or something. But it just stood there so yeah..

The place also sells snacks. A different kind of snacks.

And condiments. I don't really cook or eat at home so these things are useless for me.

The next thing I'm gonna show you is more suitable to my liking. Food! Bagels, to be exact. 

Good Cho's Bagels Taipei Taiwan
And jars of cookies. Cute eh?

Jar of Cookies Good Cho's Taipei Simple Market
And that's all about Simple Market at Taipei. If you have time to venture around here, please do so. And make sure you are enjoying yourselves here. =)

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