Fun day at Taipei Simple Market, Taiwan

I'm so glad weekend finally came. Although now I'm kinda sad because just one hour left before Monday. Uuu...

Is everyone having a great weekend?

I decided to go visit the weekend flea market which is located just at Taipei 101's vicinity. It's called the Simple Market.

Taipei Simple Market Taiwan

Simple Market only opens on Sunday. So yep, it's a perfect activity for the weekend. It's basically something similar to the Western's farmer market. It's a place where the local seller come and sell their things. 

Stall at Taipei Simple Market Taiwan
The locals sell a lot of handmade craft in Simple Market. Things like earrings....

Taipei Simple Market Earrings

Jam Stall at Taipei Simple Market Taiwan
And a lot of cards for every occasion. I tell you something, Taiwan's greeting cards are so damn cute. And not boring. And cheap!! =)

Greeting Cards Taipei Simple Market Taiwan
And of course, some T-shirt too. I am not very sure on the size so I did not buy any. 

T-shirt stalls Taipei Simple Market Taiwan
This is one of the good locations to take a picture with Taipei 101. So if you happen to be around this area on a Sunday, do visit and give support to the local market. Hehehe. =P

Taipei Simple Market Taipei 101 View
Oh right. I forgot to say where Simple Market is actually located. It's located in the middle of Xinyi Public Assembly Hall. And it is held every Sunday from 1 to 7 PM. =)

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