Taiwan Travel: Longshan Temple, Taipei

My friend has been accompanied me to go to a church while she's not a Christian so in turn, she asked me to accompany her to visit the most famous temple in Taipei, Longshan Temple.

I suppose it's really famous since it has its own MRT station.

Longshan Temple MRT Station Taiwan

Longshan Temple is crowded. Very crowded. And you can spot there are a lot of old people hanging around the area. They are either talking with each other, napping, selling things, or playing mahjong. 

Longshan Temple Taipei Taiwan
The entrance gate has pretty decoration.

Longshan Temple Gate

There is a big lantern in front of the second entrance. I suppose it's only here during the CNY season (we visited the temple one week after CNY). A lot of people queueing to pray for prosperity. Well, that's what my friend told me. I suppose that should be right. =P

Longshan Temple Prosperity Temple Taiwan
Silvers and golds are spotted. Ka-ching!

Silver and Gold Longshan Temple Taiwan
If you visit Longshan Temple during festive occasions, be prepared to see a lot of people. By a lot, I mean A LOT. 

Longshan Temple Crowd Taipei Taiwan
As my friend "joining"/"fighting" with the crowd to pray, I waited for her outside and spotted a fish pond. When I look inside, I could see a lot of coins inside. So I suppose this pond is a kind of wishing well?

Longshan Temple Pond Taipei Taiwan
Longshan Temple is surrounded by lanterns. And this make it looks very pretty and easily spotted, even from afar.

Longshan Temple Lanterns Taipei Taiwan
When my friend finished praying, we walked back to the MRT station because we have another destination to go after this.

Exactly at the exit of MRT station, you will see a lot of stalls selling different type of things. If you have time, you can take a look of what things they sell, which are ranging from food, sandals, clothes, medicines, etc.

Longshan Temple Market Taipei Taiwan
Make sure to visit Longshan Temple if you are in Taipei and have a local taste of tradition and religion here. =P

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