What to do in Ximending?

Ximending is like...an awesome place to be if you want to be surrounded by the youngsters. And of course, it's very happening even on a weekday nights. =P

Ximen Taipei Taiwan

If you want to go to Ximending by taking the metro. You can go to Ximen Station and go to exit 6. Once you come out from below, you will be welcomed by this sight.

Ximending Entrance

Ximending has a lot of restaurants and cafes. You don't have to worry of not being able to find anything to your liking. Worst case scenarios, fast food restaurants like McD and KFC are here as well.

Ximending Street
What is the best food in Ximending? If you are asking me, I can't help but pointing you to Ah Chung Mian Xian.

Ah Chung Mian Xian Ximending Taiwan
It offers the best mee sua in town. And it's so damn cheap. 45NTD for a small bowl. When you talk about portion in Taiwan, nothing is small. The small bowl can stuff my stomach happily.

Ah Chung Mee Sua Taiwan Ximending
Other than eating yummy mee sua, Ximending is well-known as a venue for the youngsters to..sing to their heart content. Looking at the size of the Partyworld KTV in Ximending, I believe singing is a passion deeply embedded in most of Taiwanese's hearts. LOL. (p.s. my Mandarin teachers are not really into singing though. Too bad.)

Partyworld KTV Ximending Taiwan
If you are looking for a shopping mall in Ximending, you can go to Eslite Amba. Amba also serves as a hotel. And they are quite conveniently located in Ximending. Although I have to say, you can find cheaper accommodation in Ximending as Amba can be considered quite expensive. To find other type of accommodation, you can click here .

Amba Taipei Ximending Taiwan

There are so many things you can do in Ximending, I could not write them all in one posts. No worry, I will post whatever activities I have seen or done in Ximending in the future. 我愛西門丁!=)

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