Introducing Taiwan's Pop Culture - Part I (The Men)

The fun thing about studying a new language is you will have the chance of meeting different kind of classmates from different nationalities. And often, I've received a question both from the teacher and the fellow classmates on which local singer are you listening to? Or is there any Mandarin songs that you can introduce to me?

To be honest, I used to be such a noob on this topic but thanks to my friends and a few karaoke session, I suppose my knowledge has improved. LOL. So without further ado, let's start introducing the guys:

1. Jay Chou (周杰倫/ Zhōujiélún)

Jay Chou
Jay Chou is the first Taiwanese singer that I heard of. I guess you may have seen him before from the blockbuster movie the Green Hornet. He's an all-rounder juggling singing, acting, song-writing, directing and managing his businesses such as restaurants and music agency. Awesome, huh? Since he's the first singer that I've heard of. My inspiration to learn Mandarin came from mostly his songs although I must admit his songs may not be the best to learn Mandarin from as his pronunciation is not really clear sometimes.

These are a few of his songs that I love. The first MV is called Silence (安静/ Ānjìng) while the second one is called Fragrance of Rice (稻香/ dào xiāng). Both songs are my favorite in the karaoke session although I admit I sing the first better than the latter. =P

2. Wang Lee Hom (王力宏/ Wánglìhóng)

Wang Lee Hom
After listening to Jay Chou's songs, obviously I started doing some research on other Taiwanese singer and my eyes are caught by the handsome Wang Lee Hom. My teacher said he's too good to really exist. But he does exist and super handsome. Other than singing, he acts in movies too. Lately he's busy shooting a movie together with Zhang Ziyi. Ah too bad, I hope he will release a new album soon. Meanwhile, I guess I will search for his movie in the internet since I think the cinema is no longer showing it now. =P

I love his song called A Simple Song (一首簡單的歌 / Yì shòu jiàn dàn de gē). Such a simple and soothing song. =)

3. Yen-J (嚴爵/ Yán jué)

The third singer that I am introducing to you is my personal favorite. Teehee. I started listening to his songs ever since I heard that closing song for Taiwanese drama called Drunken to Love You (醉後決定愛上你/ Zuì hòu juédìng ài shàng nǐ) starring Rainie Yang and Joseph Chang. The drama is fun to watch but the ending song is really captivating both my ears and my heart I guess. Goodness, I'm sounded super cheesy here. Pardon me. =P

You can hear the ending song called Good Things (好的事情/ Hǎo de shìqíng) below.

Don't you think he's super shuai (re: handsome)? Hehehe. Okay, I better stop fan-girling now. 

Since this post is already very long, I'll continue with the part II (the ladies) and part III (the group) later on. Okay? Happy listening! =)

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