Introducing Taiwan's Pop Culture - Part II (The Ladies)

Helllooooo, so after my last post, are you already an expert in KTV room? At least, you can sing some of the guys' songs right? Hehehe. I admit I'm better at singing guys' song compared to ladies' song. I guess my voice range is somewhat..low? Oh well.

But I do sing a few of songs which are originally sang by ladies singer too. So let's start introducing them.

1. Rainie Yang (楊丞琳/ Yáng Chénglín)

Rainie Yang
I really admire Rainie Yang simply because she becomes prettier day by day *swoon*. Hehe. OK, before I sound very pervert, I admire her acting skill too. Although I really fail at singing her songs. She acts in a lot of Taiwanese drama like Why Why Love, Devil Beside You, Hi My Sweetheart (must watch!) and Drunken to Love You. All her dramas have quite good rating I think. As she is also a singer, of course, she sang some of dramas' OST. She has just recently released a new album and I like the song called "Hurried Life"(匆忙人生/ Cōngmáng rénshēng). Kinda like what I'm experiencing right now.

2. Jolin Tsai (/ Càiyīlín)

Jolin Tsai
I am not really a fan of Jolin Tsai but there's no way I'm gonna missing her name here cause I must admit, her career is great and her English is good. She even held her concert in London. O_o! If you like those upbeat dancing songs, then I suppose you may like her songs. One of her song  "The Great Artist" made her nominated for Best Asian Act in the 2012 MTV Europe Music Awards. She was the first and only Taiwan artist nominated for the award. 

3. Lara Liang (梁心頤/ liángxīnyí)

Lara Liang
If you ask me who has the most beautiful voice, I can only say up 'til now, I am still captivated by Lara Liang's voice. Ever since her duet with Jay Chou on Coral Sea (珊瑚海/ Shānhú hǎi). This song has been a KTV favorite for ages. Although whoever sing Lara's part may have a sore throat afterward due to its high pitch. LOL.

She was used to be in a group called 南拳媽媽 (Nán quán māmā) before having a solo debut. She's a mixed between Russian and Taiwanese and yes, she looks very beautiful.

This is one of her solo songs, I post this one because I have a crush on the guy in the MV (修杰楷/ Xiūjiékǎi). Hihihi. 

I guess if you cannot sing their songs, you can just admire their beauty while your friends busy catching breath to sing the songs properly. =P

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