Taipei Eats: Random Japanese Don, Ximending

Ximending is still crowded even around 9PM. If you happen to be in the area at this hour and you are hungry. No worry because a lot of restaurants still open at this hour. We happened to walk pass this sign and we did not realize that it's the sign for a Japanese restaurant until the auntie (which happened to hold the restaurant's menu) told us.

Ximending Japanese Don Taipei

We did not really immediately go in because we could not tell for sure if this is really a proper restaurant or what. But since our stomach were growling, we decided to just give this place a try. Especially since the food prices are rather student-friendly. Later on, we found out the name of the restaurant is i-Ramen. Well the mascot is kinda cute. i-Ramen sells mostly Japanese ramen and don (re: rice bowl). 

i-Ramen Ximending Taiwan
I ordered a yakiniku don. The bowl looks kinda messy with all the eggs and corns but it tasted quite good. It gives you that kind of comfy feeling. 

Yakiniku Don iRamen Ximending
My friend ordered the Tempura Don. I guess all rice bowl comes with corns. Haha. She loves it. 

Tempura Don Ximending Taipei Taiwan
The rice bowl costs 100+ NTD. I suppose that's quite a good price and I saw a lot of school students hanging out here. I could not really explain where exactly the place is located. So sorry but if you are interested to visit the place, I guess you have to rely on the yellow sign. And the aunty who hold the menu. =P

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