Sweets for Happy Occasions @ Taipei Story House

This is an overdue post. I just somehow found the series of pictures in my Iphoto folder. Hahaha.

And to further confirm that it's an overdue post, I went here in spring. Oh gosh! Totally months ago. Sorry about that....U_U.

Okay, without further ado, welcome to my house Taipei Story House. =)

Taipei Story House
Wondering why the house does not scream Taipei at all? Well, the house is used to be a 1913 English Tudor-style heritage house. But now, it serves as a mini-museum to showcase historic cultural life in Taiwan. 

The house also serves as exhibition venue. If you want to know what kind of exhibition is being held at the moment, you can check their website as they have both English and Mandarin version: 


When we were there, Taipei Story House was showing Sweets Exhibition. Oh sounds yummy!

I was thinking more like Chocolate cakes but obviously those cakes are not traditional cakes for happy occasions in Taiwan. Like what written on the sign, happy occasions are wedding, child birth and birthday. For me, weekends are happy occasions too. XD

The cakes for happy occasions are more like those desserts you can find in dim sum restaurant. 

traditional chinese sweet for happy occasion
traditional sweet for happy occasion
For weddings and child birth, there are more variety of traditional sweets. Some of them looks grand and each sweet symbolizes certain meanings.

Wedding and child birth sweets
Spotted traditional steam cakes. Looks kinda real, huh?

Traditional steam cakes
Some type of sweets are used in the worshipping too. Like this sweet tortoise cake.

There's a sign showing the meaning of the shapes of the sweets. Now you know why there are a lot of pineapple cakes during Chinese New Year. =P

Traditional sweet meaning
These sweets look cute. I suppose this kind of sweets is popular with the kids back then.

Feels like getting some sweets? You can pop by to the store. Taipei Story House sells some goodies too. Both edible and non-edible goodies. =)

Taipei Story House Goods
For details on the opening hours, admission fee and how to go there, you can click the following link:


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