Introducing Taiwan's Pop Culture - Part III (The Group)

Of course the introduction would not be completed without introducing the group. And Taiwan has a lot of amazing group/band. Although I only like..two of them. Hey, quality over quantity okay! =P

So here comes the group....*JUMP*

1. Mayday (五月天/ Wǔyuètiān)

Mayday is a Taiwanese rock band and yes, if you have visited Taiwan before, I bet you have seen their faces somewhere along the billboard (Note: HTC's advert). If not, I suppose you should at least recognize the lead singer, Ashin, as he' handsome? ^^ *fangirl mode ON"

Heard their concert ticket in Taiwan is pretty hard to get and one ticket can sells around 5000 - 6000 NTD. But they do have those free concerts too now and then. Although you have to queue (or camp?) for a long time to get a spot for those free concerts. My teacher is one of their hardcore fans and she said the reason the band is so popular is because their songs are mostly encouraging. Especially when listened during those bad days. Make you want to sing OAOA (yes, the title of one of the songs is called OAOA). =P

Other than those uplifting songs, they also sing quite a few of anthem song. Those songs that make you feel so awesome especially when you are singing the song together with fellow fans, while waving your hands. If you like this kind of song, you can start practicing this song, Noah's Ark (儺亞方船/ Nuò yǎ fāngzhōu).

2. S.H.E.

S.H.E. is a Taiwanese girl group whose members are Selina Jen, Hebe Tian and Ella Chen. The group has recorded 12 albums and they have also acted in a lot of drama series. Each of them has their own solo songs too. Recently, S.H.E. has just concluded their concert, 2gether 4ever. I did not manage to get ticket in Taipei, but thanks God, managed to get ticket to watch the concert in Singapore. Woot!

This song is my absolute favourite from their latest album, Flowers Have Blossomed Again (花又開好了/ Huā yòu kāi hǎole). For your info, Ashin from Mayday is the one who composed the lyric for this song. ^^

Each member of the group has their own solo career. And I like Hebe the most. Simply because she's pretty and her song is amazing. My friend can't stop singing one of her songs, 寂寞寂寞就好 (Jìmò jìmò jiù hǎo). 

So sorry for not introducing more than two groups, but the thing is, I really only like these two groups from many music group/ band existing in Taiwan. XD

I suppose the songs from the above two groups will be enough to occupy you for a few days. Hehehe.

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