Walking around National Taiwan University (台大)

I am really curious on how does a national university looks like in Taiwan. Knowing that my Dad has studied here before, I become even more curious to see it. Lucky for me, National Taiwan University (NTU) or 台大 (táidà) is located just one stop away from my place. Yes, it is located near Gongguan MRT station. So if you want to see it too, you can just hop into the MRT and go to Gongguan MRT. Exit 3 is the nearest exit to the university.

Gongguan MRT Exit 3 Taipei Taiwan

I was quite amazed when I see the parking lot for the bikes. It seems that most Taida students ride bike to school?? I'm quite sure if I ride bike to Shida from my house, I would probably have hit someone or something or dogs. Oh gosh, the dogs here are cute, I'm so not gonna hit them. *digress*

Taida Bike Park Taipei Taiwan
The university's entrance gate.

National Taiwan University School Gate
When I passed the gate, I immediately came into realization on why Taida students ride bicycle. The university is spacious and the distance between the entrance and the university library is...what you see below. O_o! *faint*

The palm tree boulevard looks cool though. =P

National Taiwan University Palm Boulevard
The university building looks like those buildings which are built during the war times (another way to say it -> old). Well it's not surprising because the universities were built during the Japanese occupation and it was called Taihoku Imperial University. You can really get the historical vibe from the university complex.

National Taiwan University Building

The building located at the far end is the main library. At this point, our feet were already screaming and we still have a distance to walk to go back to the main entrance. Anyway, we would not be able to enter the library without a student ID. So yeah, we just saw it from this distance and went back to the main entrance. XD

National Taiwan University Main Library

If I'm a Taida student, I will have a good exercise everyday by visiting the university since it's so far from the other buildings. O_O!

For your information, Taida is the best university in Taiwan and it is a prestige to be able to pass the national university entrance exam and get into Taida. Wow, I have never thought my Dad is really that genius. Sorry, Dad. XD

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