Taiwan Travel: What to see in Sun Moon Lake?

The first thing came to my mind when I heard about Sun Moon Lake is...well, it's a lake. So are we just going to see the lake and that's it? I admit I was hesitant to go for 3 hours trip from Taipei just to see a lake.

But looking at this tour map, I guess I was wrong? =P

Sun Moon Lake Tour Map Taiwan

The thing is we did not have a lot of time to spend here because we did not have a plan to stay the night and we need to rush back to Taichung HSR station to catch our train back to Taipei. Yes, you can only go back to Taipei from Sun Moon Lake by coming back to Taichung first. 

We decided to just go to the main attraction like Wen Wu Temple.

Wen Wu Temple Sun Moon Lake Taiwan
There is a small market opposite the temple where you can buy stuff from souvenirs to street snacks.

Sun Moon Lake Market Taiwan
From the restaurant's window located on the 2nd floor of the nearby hotel, you can take a good picture of the lake. It will be easier to do this when you are dining there though. =P

Sun Moon Lake Taiwan
The weather was kinda cloudy on that day so we were kinda hoping it would not rain, especially since we wanted to take the boat tour around the lake. The cost for the boat trip is around NTD300 per person. But if you want a nicer boat, I think they will charge a bit extra.

Boat Tour Sun Moon Lake Taiwan
The boat tour took approximately one hour. And before we knew it, we really need to go back to Taichung. So we took the Sun Moon Lake bus (same bus that we took from the cable car to Wen Wu Temple) to Sun Moon Lake Shuishe Visitor Centre. From here, you can ride the bus back to Taichung HSR Station. You can ask the visitor centre's guide to show you which bus going to Taichung. From Taichung, we took the HSR back to Taipei.

Shuishe Visitor Centre Sun Moon Lake

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