Cantonese dinner @ Park Palace, Grand Park City Hall

One of my besties had a voucher to eat dinner at Park Palace, a Cantonese restaurant located inside Grand Park City Hall hotel. Yum, an offer not to be missed indeed. Hehehe.

We did order a lot of food. A LOT. Goodness gracious, four girls eating like pigs. So expect a lot of pictures of the food. Hehehe.

1st course: Prawn Mayonnaise....hmm actually, the sauce is not mayo. One side is dressed with thousand island sauce while the other with wasabi sauce. Both are delightful.

Prawn Mayonnaise Park Palace
2nd course: Half Peking Duck. Half size is actually pretty big enough for four people. Taste not bad although I prefer the one at Peach Garden. 

Peking Duck Park Palace
3rd course: Black pepper beef. Quite standard. To be honest, I did not remember why we ordered this. 

Black pepper beef Park Palace
4th course: Eggplant with minced meat and mushroom. Yum, I love eggplant and Park Palace's rendition of minced meat egg plant is yummy. 

Minced meat eggplant Park Palace
5th course: Fried Rice. This dish is always on top of my favourite food to eat. To be honest, you should not have any mistake in cooking fried rice. Park Palace's fried rice is acceptable.

Fried rice Park Palace
6th course: Sweet n sour pork belly served with chinese bun. The pork belly is so sinful, because the fats are so much (well, what do I expect from pork belly...=S). The sauce is actually quite good to be eaten together with the bun. I suppose you can just skip the fat if you want to eat this without increasing your cholesterol level. Hehe.

Pork belly with bun Park Palace
7th course: Tofu and mushroom claypot. Taste okay. Now that I notice, this is the only dish we ordered that have something green. 

Dessert #1: Vanilla ice cream served inside a coconut. It comes with the dry ice which makes us awe-ing. Everyone immediately took out their camera/mobile phone to snap a picture of this dessert.

Vanilla ice cream in coconut Park Palace
Dessert #2: Peanut pastry filled with red bean. This dessert taste quite nice. But the portion is quite a lot so make sure you have enough people to share. 

Peanut pancake filled with red bean Park Palace
Our stomachs were literally bulging after finishing the course. We joked to each other that it feels that we have attended a wedding party. Since we ordered nearly 10 courses of dishes. Four happy bulging tummy.

If you are interested to try the food, I suggest you make a reservation beforehand because Park Palace turned away people who don't have reservation to dine...O_o! For location and contact details, you can check out their website:

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