Culinary Trip at Semarang

Christmas is time to be merry and I suppose the happiest part in our body is..our belly. This year, my family decided to spend few days out of town (cuz Jakarta is always filled with traffic jam). We are going to Semarang to fill in our belly. Ho-Ho-Ho.

Fyi, Semarang is a town in the East Java. A flight from Jakarta to Semarang will take approximately 1 hour. When we arrived in Semarang, we could not check into our hotel yet so we straight away go for eating trip.

First stop, Bakmi Djowo Pak Doel.

Bakmi Djowo Semarang
As what the name says, this restaurant sells noodle (fyi, bakmi is noodle in Bahasa Indonesia). It sells other food besides noodle likes this..eerr..intestines satay? I did not touch this one. Too scared. Hahaha.

Bakmi Djowo Sate Jeroan

We came to this restaurant to eat this yummy fried noodle. Super delicious. ^^

Bakmi Djowo Fried Noodle
A few stalls away from Bakmi Djowo, there is a stall selling Nasi Ayam (re: Chicken Rice). My brother was hungry waiting for the noodle, so he went to the stall and buy the rice. It looks ordinary but it tastes great. 

Nasi Ayam Semarang
Like usual we went for dessert after our meal. We proceeded to our next stop, Istana Wedang for its wedang ronde. Curious about this traditional dessert?

Istana Wedang Semarang
Ta-dahh. It looks kinda similar to Tangyuan (汤圆) right? This food is nice to be eaten on rainy days.

We were already so full even before we checked into our hotel. Oh gosh, I really don't have the guts to weigh myself after this trip. Really. >.<!

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