Hello 2014, New Year resolutions anyone?

I could not believe that 2013 has just passed. To me, it seems just yesterday I was so excited to start my journey to study Mandarin in Taiwan. And suddenly, it's already 2014!! Oh wow. As the year has gone in a lightning mode, I did not really think of any resolution for 2014. I guess, I'm just lazy. LOL.

But I do have a few expectations and determination to be a better person in 2014. After all, life without some kind of dreams and challenges are boring, am I right?

1. Be grateful for little things

I realized I can be a grumpy for simple things. Haizz, I did forget that some things that I don't really appreciate may be precious things to others. Men are not perfect but I hope I can change this attitude of mine. =)

2. Focusing my energy on those who/ which really matters

Time is so precious and I hate it the most when I wasted my energy doing something for those people who don't really appreciate my effort or useless stuff (fyi, exercise is not one of them even though I can still see my fats on certain parts of my body. Bummer I know. U_U). Don't forget those who really matters to you and be nice to them okay? And yes, stop worrying about those unimportant things.

3. See the world

Travelling is one of my passions in life and no matter how hard my finances at the moment (these not-working-days are really tough!!!), I must see new sceneries this year. Fingers crossed for my Japan plan. Or probably China. Well, we'll see.

4. Do crazy new things

Crazy things make memorable memories. I will try not to be easily put down by my age or anything to do crazy stuff. Well, the good things are..new things do not have to be always crazy in nature. Hahaha. If I'm crazy enough, I'll probably go for a cooking class. Uhh..wait in 2nd though, make-up class sounds easier. And cleaner. Hehe.

Oops, sorry for the long post guys. New year does make me a bit emo and hence, the long post. I'll be back with my usual post this year and yes, making this blog a better one is also in my to-do-list this year. Thanks for reading my blog!! Muach muach! <3

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