Jakarta Eats: Lunch date with my brother at Kitchenette, Central Park

I don't know about you guys, but I seldom talk with my brother. Even though nowadays we have convenient apps like Whatsapp or LINE...we still seldom communicate. I admit I communicate with my friends more than him. Oops, bad sister. Hehe.

So whenever I go back home (fyi, Jakarta is my hometown), I try to chit chat with him. Food makes it easier. This time, we decided to try out Kichenette, which is located in the middle of Central Park's yard. It's famous for its crepes I guess..since the menu listed various kind of crepes.

Kitchenette Central Park Menu

The restaurant has a coffee shop feeling to it. I did not try their coffee though. To be honest, I only drink coffee when I need to be fully awake. And it seldom happens. Sometimes I'd rather be sleepy than drinking coffee. The same cannot be said about hot chocolate though. I'm such a kid. Haha.

Kitchenette Cafe Central Park Indonesia
If you are dining in a big group, I guess you will be able to find enough seats here because the restaurant is pretty spacious.

Kitchenette Restaurant Central Park Jakarta
Jakarta is always hot. And most restaurants in Indonesia do not serve free tap water. This is probably because (1) tap water is obviously not drinkable in Indonesia and (2) this is how restaurants make money, charge premium price on drinks. Oh well, I decided to try the lemonade while my brother enjoying kiwi ice blended. 

Kitchenette Drinks Central Park
I forgot what exactly we ordered but none of us opted for the sweet crepes. One glance and I know I would not be filled. The crepes are so thin (although crepes are probably supposed to be thin) and the fillings are so little. This one came with potato chips on top.

Kitchenette Crispy Chips Crepe Central Park
The other came with sunny side up, piece of meat and fried shallot. Both taste pretty similar. 

Kitchenette Sunny Side Up Crepes Central Park
I am not satisfied with the food but the place has quite good atmosphere to chit chat/ catch up with old friends. The price is not cheap though. 

If you happens to be in Jakarta and feels like trying the crepes, you can find Kitchenette at Central Park (fyi, Central Park is not really a park, it's one of the shopping malls in Jakarta.)

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