Singapore Cafe: Costa Coffee, 313 Somerset

On my 2nd day back in Singapore, I noticed one thing...there are more cafes in Singapore than few months ago. O_o! Especially the two cafes called Costa Cafe and Dr Cafe. Seems like they has been aggressively expanding for the last few months in Singapore to make sure you notice them wherever you go.

So yes, I am quite curious on how these two cafes fare. Since my friend and I were quite tired from walking around 313 Somerset, we decided to take a break at Costa Cafe. Noticed that apart from the usual drinks and cakes/muffins/sandwiches, the cafe sells..chocolate.

Costa Cafe Chocolates Singapore

We tried the Costa Creamy Coolers (something that looks like ice blended milkshake?). Mine is the strawberry one while my friend ordered the hazelnut coolers. Mine tastes super sweet while hers...tasteless. I totally could not taste the hazelnut at all. What a letdown. 

Costa Cafe Ice Blended Strawberry and Hazelnut Singapore

We also ordered a blueberry muffin. Not bad. 

Costa Cafe Blueberry Muffin Singapore

To cheer ourselves up from the sub-standard drinks, my friend bought a bag of Garrett popcorn from the store just opposite the cafe. Popcorns always creates smile on our face. =)

Costa Cafe Garrett Popcorn 313 Somerset
Costa Cafe can be found nearly at every major shopping centre in Singapore like 313 Somerset and Plaza Singapura. I prefer Starbucks but I guess everyone has their own tastebud. Hehe. 

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