Shopping day at Wufenpu

We are going shopping today!! And after hearing my friend's raving so much about Wufenpu, I decided to check it out. The nearest MRT station to Wufenpu Commercial District is Houshanpi. Based on the road sign, you just need to walk 100m further. The same cannot be said about Raohe Night Market...950m??? U_U.

Wufenpu Direction Houshanpi MRT

If you want to get the most of Wufenpu, I suggest you visit the market in the evening. This is the view of Wufenpu around 3PM. Some stores have not even started their business yet. Zzz...

Wufenpu Taipei

We decided to hang out somewhere else before checking out Wufenpu again around 6ish. And the market is livelier by then.

Wufenpu Shopping District Taiwan

Shopping in Wufenpu can be overwhelming because the place is huge and there are a lot of both big and small alleys. I was lost after 5 minutes wandering through the alleys. @_@.

Bringing someone with a good sense of direction may help. Or, activate your google map. Hehe.

Wufenpu Shopping Taipei
You can find almost everything in Wufenpu. T-shirts, blouses, shoes, accessories, and even underwears. The thing cannot try them on. That's why I'm having difficulties buying stuff from Wufenpu.

Wufenpu Shopping at Night
Other than the above items, you can find cute dogs too. And they are so obedient. Staying still at one place. So cuteeee! ^^

Cute Taiwan Dog
If you are not so fussy about your sizes, you shall include Wufenpu in your itinerary list whenever you visit Taipei. Well, you can always try on shoes, of course. =)

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