Taipei Eats: Shin Yeh Restaurant, Shinkong Mitsukoshi Zhongshan

When my friend from Singapore visited me in Taipei, she wanted to try out an authentic Taiwan food. I was gonna saying night markets but she wanted something that feels more like proper restaurant. I admitted I kinda stratch my head. Hahaha.

But apparently after some research on Google, I found a so-called restaurant specialising in Taiwanese cuisine, Shin Yeh. This is the description written on the restaurant's website.

"Shin Yeh Restaurants have brought a wholesome dining experience for over thirty years. Early on, Shin Yeh deeply rooted itself in Taiwanese cuisine, inheriting generations of traditions. Standing on the principles of insistence, innovation and inclusiveness, Shin Yeh has evolved into unique and international brands."

Sounds promising? Let's check it out.

Shin Yeh Menu Taipei Zhongshan

Shin-Yeh has a lot of branches in Taipei. But, since I'm kinda bad with directions (and alleys in Taipei do confuse me), I chose the easiest location to find, Nanxi Branch. This is because the restaurant is located at level 8 of Shinkong Mitsukoshi department store. You can easily spot the department store after you walk out of Exit 3 of Zhongshan MRT station.

View from Shin Yeh Taipei at Zhongshan
They served us tea while we were looking through the menu. The teapot is served together with the burner. Your tea is guaranteed to be always hot, I guess? 

Chinese Tea at Shin Yeh Restaurant Zhongshan Taipei
The first dish that we ordered is...fried rice?? Okay, before you ask me why. I don't know why but I find it a bit challenging to find a restaurant that serves fried rice in Taipei. Probably I just do not know where to look at. So I just jumped at this opportunity to order a plate of fried rice since Shin-Yeh has it. Hahaha. Fyi, it tastes quite nice, although it does not reach the "wow" level.

Shin Yeh Fried Rice Taipei Zhongshan
We also ordered one of the restaurant's specialities, pan-fried fragrant turnip omelette (正宗菜脯蛋). I love eggs so I definitely give two thumbs up for this dish. =)

Turnip Omelette Shin Yeh Taiwan
My friend and I have been eating unhealthy stuff since she arrived in town, so she wanted something green. As a good friend, I allowed her to order her "grass". 

Green Vegetables Shin Yeh Taiwan
After we finished our meal, Shin Yeh gave us complimentary desserts, peanut mochi. We did not refuse anything yummy and free. Yum! ^^

Peanut Mochi Taiwan Shin Yeh
I am not really sure if what they serve is an authentic Taiwan food because I'm more night-market person but overall, it has been a good experience and Shin Yeh does serve delicious food. If you want to see more of their delicacies, you can visit their website here:


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