Taipei Eats: Yummy Unadon at Fei Qian Wu 肥前屋, Zhongshan

If you want to eat a delicious Japanese food, look no further, because they are are everywhere in Taiwan. Taiwanese loves Japanese products including its food and make up. I guess this comes as no surprise since the island was subjected to Japanese colonial rule for years. (The same thing cannot be said about my country which happened to be subjected under Japanese colonial as well but let's not dwell into that topic..and focus on the food..hehe).

Right! Last summer, I brought my friend to Zhongshan's neighborhood because we wanted to try that so-much-raved-about unagi don. Just thinking about it makes me drool. Pardon me.

The location is not that easy to find. I had to resort using Google Map to find the exact location. But finally, we had arrived at Fei Qian Wu / 肥前屋.

肥前屋 Taipei Taiwan

As you can see above, the queue was crazy. There were so many people in front of us. To make ordering faster, the waitress gave us the menu and the ordering chit.

肥前屋 Menu Taiwan
If you cannot read the menu, no worries, the famous unagi (鰻魚/ Mányú) don is listed at the left top of the menu, the small one costs NTD250 while the big one costs NTD480. 

When you are able to see the inside of the restaurant, rejoice! Because that means your turn is coming soon. 

肥前屋 Restaurant Zhongshan Taipei Taiwan
This is how the small unadon looks like. The eels are big. And I really enjoyed every bit of it. *iaminheaven*

肥前屋 Small Unadon Taipei Taiwan
It came with the miso soup. The miso soup is served in big bowl, not like those small bowls served in Japanese restaurant in Singapore. 

Miso Soup 肥前屋  Taiwan
We ordered a portion of tamago to share among us. It tastes pretty bland. But maybe it's supposed to be that way? 

Tamago 肥前屋  Taiwan
The restaurant opens from 11AM - 2.30PM and 5PM to 9PM. So do visit the restaurant if you have the time. It's worth a visit. Really. =)

Opening Hours of  肥前屋 Taipei Taiwan
Great, now I'm feeling hungry after writing my own blog post. U_U.

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