Winter holiday is coming....

...on a sunny island. Literally. Because I'm coming back home.

Before going back to Jakarta, I'll spend days in Singapore though. After all, Christmas should be spent with family and close friends. I have more friends in Singapore than in Jakarta. Goodness, I don't know why.

Touched down at Changi Airport early in the morning. Cannot wait to see my friends.

Changi Airport
Since it's early, decided to have breakfast, Singapore style. And one of my favourite breakfast place is Ya Kun Kaya Toast. The place looks kinda retro, right?

Ya Kun Kaya Toast Singapore
Teh C and Kaya Toast. If you are curious, Teh C is tea + evaporated milk. There are a lot of local slang involved when you want to order coffee/ tea. I am kinda confused too. If you are curious, you can google it up I guess. In Taiwan, I only know my tea is definitely 奶茶. 

Oh are you wondering about "Kaya"? Let's just say it's coconut jam. It's green in color and it has gooey texture. QQ??

Kaya Toast and Teh C
Guess what I saw on the MRT's door....yes, Taiwan is a very popular destination amongst Singaporean. I agree with them 100%! Hehehe.

Taiwan Promotion Board
Cute art display I noticed in an art shop in Raffles City (City Hall). 

After walking around for few hours, my stomach demanded to be feed again. Pardon my appetite. Since I don't really have a lot of budget for this *winter-escapade*, I had lunch at the mall's food court. I ordered fishball noodle. It looks kinda oily. >.<!

Fishball noodle
Saw Hello Kitty donut which are sold by Bread Talk. But they don't look as good as the ones sold by Mister Donut in Taipei. So I decided to give them a miss. 

Hello Kitty Donut Bread Talk
Since it's December, Singapore is decked out in Christmas decorations. I'll post more about that in the next few posts. =)

P.S. If you can't stand the cold, you may want to escape to Singapore for a shopping and eating trip. Ho-ho-ho.

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