Taipei Eats: Oma's German Bakery, Gongguan

How's everyone coping with the winter? Used to it? Enjoying it? If you hate winter, hang in there okay? ^^

Today I'm gonna share about one of the delicious bakery that my teacher shared with me. My teacher is one heck of a sport junkie and she enjoys walking...for a long distance. O_O.

By long distance, I mean is from Gongguan to Xindian. Oh gosh, just listening to her story makes me wanna faint.

Therefore a bakery located in the neighbourhood will not be hidden from her walking path at all. LOL.

Oma's German Bakery Gongguan Taipei

This bakery is not selling local breads or Japanese breads (yes, there are a lot of Japanese-look-alike bakeries in Taiwan). As what the bakery called, Oma's German Bakery is selling European breads (or specifically German breads? I've never been to Germany so I don't really know about the authenticity). Oh, they sell German ice cream too. 

German Ice Cream Gongguan Taipei Taiwan
One thing that I love about the bakeries in Taipei is..the availability of the samples. Yum, I love tasting food, including breads. Hohoho.

European Breads at Oma German Bakery Gongguan Taipei
Aawww, I'm weak against these tarts and cookies. >.<! 

Fyi, the apple tarts are good. 

Tarts and Cookies at Oma German Bakery Gongguan Taipei

"Oma" is grandmother in Dutch and German. A lot of Indonesians call their grandmother "oma" too. I guess that is due to the Dutch colonization years ago. Here's the bakery's oma. Cute, right? 

Mascot at Oma German Bakery Gongguan Taipei
Did I mention about cakes? Yes, Oma is selling cakes too. And all looks so yummy. *going mental*

Cakes at Oma German Bakery Gongguan Taipei
The branch that I visited is located at No. 44-46, Sec. 1, Xinhai Road. If you are walking from Exit 2 of Taipower Building MRT Station, go cross the street until you reach the fruit store and turn left. You are now at Sec. 1, Xinhai Road so what you need to do is to walk straight until you see the signpost of the bakery. 

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