Cingjing Farm Eats: Having lunch at CartonKing 紙箱王

If you have never been eating inside a restaurant which is full of cardboard, this is probably gonna be one of those weird but fun experience for you to try in your lifetime. Near the Swiss Garden (小瑞士花园 / Xiǎo ruìshì huāyuán), which located opposite the car park where the bus stop (see previous post), there is a branch of Carton King (紙箱王 / Zhǐxiāng wáng). To be exact it's branch no. 6. 

Carton King No6 Cingjing Farm Taiwan

The decoration, tables and chairs are made of cardboard. For a moment, I was quite concerned whether the chair is strong enough to hold my weight. I mean, cardboard is light while my butt is..not? >.<! 

Carton King Cardboard Restaurant Cingjing Farm Taiwan
The restaurant opens from 11 AM to 8 PM. So if the minsu (see our minsu in this post) has not allowed you to check into your room yet, you can pop by here and have lunch while waiting. As you can see from the menu below, their food price ranges from 220 NTD to 380 NTD. These are set meals and drinks are included.

Carton King Cingjing Farm Menu
My friend did not feel like eating meat so she ordered vegetable spaghetti (the one with the price tag NTD220). If you are a vegetarian I guess you will only be able to eat this because the rest of the menu involve meat. 

Carton King Vegetable Pasta
I am a carnivore so I definitely opted for meat. I ordered curry pork chop (咖哩豬排/ Gālí zhū pái) which is the third item from the bottom on the menu (price tag NTD320). The pork chop served together with a bowl of rice, miso soup, salad and dessert. 

Curry Pork Chop Set Meal Carton King Cardboard Restaurant
My iced tea is served inside a cardboard box. 

Iced Tea Carton King Cingjing Farm
I kinda forgot what my other two friends eat but if I'm not wrong, this one is the first item on the menu (the one with NTD380 price tag).

Fried Pork Chop Set Carton King Cingjing Farm
While this one looks like item no. 3 from the top in the menu (NTD 350 price tag). Haha if you ordered it and it came out different, please forgive my misleading memory. LOL.

Beef Stew Set Carton King Cingjing Farm
The food is definitely on the higher side because it tastes so-so. But the most interesting thing about the restaurant is everything that they use here is environmentally friendly. I heard if a customer breaks the chair (see, it can really happen!!!!), they will just simply whisk it away for recycling. But, will they give that customer another cardboard chair? Who knows. Let me know if you experience that, ok? =P

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