Taiwan Travel: K Underground Mall at Taipei Main Station

Raining. Free time. Alone. Perfect activity? Take a stroll at Taipei Main Station. Why? Simply because there are a lot of things to see there.

When I just arrived in Taipei for few days, I did a mistake which is visiting the mall at Taipei Main Station too early (by early, I mean around 11ish in the morning). If you want to see all the stores opened, I suggest you don't come too early. Come after lunchtime. Really. 

I feel like taking a stroll in the underground mall today especially since it's pouring cats and dogs outside. To spare you the agony of turning around in circles (I have lost my way quite a number of times in Taipei Main Station. U_U), you can directly go to exit M4 (the one beside Starbucks) and you will see the sign of Eslite (a famous bookstore chain in Taiwan). 

Eslite K Underground Mall Sign

Go to the level below and you'll arrive at K Underground Mall.

K Underground Mall Taipei Main Station

You can find restaurant, fast food stalls (KFC, McD), shoes store, clothes store, accessories store, etc here. Quite fun to go in and go out from each stores to find out what they are selling. 

K Underground Mall Shops Taipei Main Station

I love this shop called 86shop. This is a heaven for ladies looking for skincare and makeup. Similar shop has opened in Shida Night Market but you have to leave your bag in the locker outside. So troublesome. You don't have to do that here. 

86Shop Make Up Store Taipei Main Station

Bought a few eye masks from My Beauty Diary here. I love wearing these eye masks. So comforting although I'm a bit skeptical of whether it works for my dark circles/ puffy eyes. In addition, I bought 咖啡麵包 (Kāfēi miànbāo) or coffee bun from the small bakery stall just outside K Underground Mall (at the Taipei Main Station Z Area). The smell of the buns lured me in 

Best Roti Coffee Bun Taipei Main Station

Other than the original coffee bun, the one I ordered have sausage inside. Meat + coffee at one go. Nom nom nom. Yummy! Think it costs around 30 NTD if I'm not wrong. 

Meat Coffee Bun Taipei Main Station

If you are not tired yet, you can go to another section of Taipei Main Station, which is also full of stores. Awesome station, right? ^^

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