New Year 2014 Countdown at Taipei 101

Finally I am back to Taipei. Woot! How's everybody doing? 你們好嗎?

I can't believe 2013 has passed. It has been kinda surreal especially since I decided to move to Taipei in 2013 to study Mandarin. So far, I'm loving it! And I guess one of my resolutions in 2014 is to further improve my Mandarin's fluency (which fyi, easier said than done. U_U)

If you (like me) missed the 2014 countdown in Taipei, don't sob yet! You can still catch it via Youtube. To be exact just click this link ->

You guys should check it out, The fireworks at Taipei 101 looks awesome in picture.

Taipei 2014 New Year Fireworks
In Taipei, new year countdown is a big event and it's usually held at Taipei 101 area. If you happen to be there, you can catch a so-called "free" concert by several top entertainers. The president will also make a welcoming speech for the coming year. If you are curious, here are the performers for this year's countdown party.

Taipei 2014 Countdown Performers
As you can see, S.H.E. was performing for the NYE party in Taipei city. What an awesome day it must be for SHE fans. 

Of course, even though the show is free, you can only get a good view of the stage if you are willing to wait patiently for a long time to secure your place. Let's say it's the price that you have to pay. Heard some people start securing places as early as the day before. What a perseverance. 

Oh fyi, you can see President Ma on the stage too. Hehe.

Taiwan President New Year 2014
Apparently every city in Taiwan is hosting its own New Year Countdown mini concert. Kaohsiung has its own celebration at Dream Mall. 

Dream Mall Kaohsiung New Year Celebration
Awesome new year countdown eh? Let's have a wonderful year ahead everybody! ^^

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