Old Family Restaurant in Semarang, Toko Oen

How's everyone's NY celebration going on? Did you have fun? Did you just spend the whole day sleeping? No worries, we all deserve to spend NY day however we like it.

Prior to new year, I went to Semarang with my family for a culinary trip. And my mum suggested to go to a old family restaurant called Toko Oen. It's located at Jalan Pemuda no 52. 

Toko Oen Semarang
In the beginning of the business, the restaurant was merely a cookies store. Later on, an ice cream parlour and now, a restaurant. The taste of the food was based on the Dutch, Indonesian and Chinese tastes and cuisines. The restaurant is still operated by the direct descendants of the founders. Awesome, eh?

Toko Oen Restaurant Semarang
Since the restaurant is famous for the cakes, cookies and ice cream, we immediately ordered the heart-shaped pancake. Taste yummy. 

Heart-shaped pancake Toko Oen
If you don't know which flavor of the ice cream you want to try, you can opt for the 5-ice-cream-sundae. I'm such a glutton, I know. But this taste awesome! 

5 ice cream sundae Toko Oen
My mum ordered tutti frutti ice cream because apparently it reminded her of her dating life with my dad in the past. 

Tutti Frutti Ice Cream Toko Oen
The cookies display looks very tempting. 

Cookies Store Toko Oen
And yes, you can try the cookies before buying. Awww, I love this kind of store. 

Cookies Display Toko Oen Semarang
Decided to buy this cookies because of its unique taste, cinnamon-ish.

Toko Oen Cinnamon Cookies
I heard the place serves an awesome Chicken Cordon Bleu too. Oh well, maybe next time. We need more than one stomach whenever we visit Semarang. Hahaha.

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