Hotel Review: Misty Villa, Cingjing Farm

If you are looking for an accommodation at Cingjing Farm, you may want to consider staying in Misty Villa. It's one of the better minsu (i.e. villa) at Cinjing Farm. After you make a booking with them, they will arrange someone to pick you up at the terminal (more like empty space) where E-go Bus drop you (see my previous post on E-go Bus).

The distance from the drop point to Misty Villa is not that far but the way is uphill. If I have to drag my luggage up there, I'm going to die. Really.

After a really short drive (less than 5 mins), we have arrived and a parrot welcomed us.

Misty Villa Parrot Cingjing Farm Taiwan

While my friend was busy with the checking in and paperwork stuff, I was busy looking around and taking pictures of cute decoration all around the receptionist/ dining room.

Cute decorations Misty Villa Cingjing Farm
I always imagine myself sitting on an armchair in front of stove while sipping hot chocolate and white snows falling outside my window. Okay, I don't wish for snow. If it's snowing, I'm gonna be frozen. It's already cold enough without all the snow.

Misty Villa Stove Cingjing Farm
Their dining room is full of decoration. It kinda brings you "homey" feeling.

Misty Villa Decoration Dining Room Cingjing Farm Taiwan
The minsu is managed by a family. Seems like they are having quite a good business. My friend said we were kinda lucky to be able to secure a room last minute. For your information, the check-in time is 2PM. We opted for a family suite and it costs us a total of NTD4800. 

Misty Villa Family Suite Bedroom
The price varies between day. For the complete listing of the price, you can refer to the website:

觀景雅緻四人房 Luxury Family Suite

You can see above the price is divided into 4 categories. The 5200 NTD is the price from Monday - Thursday, 5850 NTD for Friday and Sunday, 6500 NTD for Saturday and 7150 NTD for public holidays (e.g. tomb sweeping holiday, Chinese New Year holiday, etc).

The last sentence mentioned that there is a fireplace in the room, internet, bathtub, cable TV and private balcony.

I didn't see the bathtub in my bathroom but I probably did not really pay attention to it because I did not even feel like taking a bath at all. It's super cold at night. Brrr~~~

Thanks goodness for a fireplace!

Misty Villa Fireplace Family Suite Bedroom

It's an electric one so you don't have to worry about smokes. Our one night stay at Misty Villa is quite comfortable. So if you are interested, you can make a booking via its website: Otherwise, you can search for other accommodation option here.

Have a great stay! ^^

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