Jakarta Eats: Reunion dinner at Paradise Dynasty at Central Park

新年快樂, 身體健康, 多多有錢, 天天開心!!! Woot, Happy Chinese New Year! Gong xi gong xi! =)

Before we know it, it's already the year of horse. My goodness, how fast time flies. O_o!!

How's everyone doing? Have you had your reunion dinner with family? Or better, have your received your hongbao yet? ^^

I went back home to celebrate the beginning of horse year and my family decided to have it at Paradise Dynasty at Central Park, Jakarta. We are kinda lured by the colorful xiao long bao. Hahaha.

It's kinda last minute decision so we paid the price by waiting for one hour for a table. O_O.

Finally we had a table. Whew. I'm starving.

Paradise Dynasty Central Park Jakarta

The orders did not take long to prepare so it was indeed a good news for us, hungry monsters. Here come the mapo tofu. 

Paradise Dynasty Mapo Tahu Central Park

Minced meat green beans. 

Minced Meat Green Bean Paradise Dynasty Central Park

Chicken Kung Pao.

Chicken Kung Pao Paradise Dynasty Central Park

And the main star of the reunion dinner, colorful xiao long bao!! Each color has different taste. There's cheese, truffle, ginger and crab roe. I only tried the crab roe though because we shared this amongst a lot of hungry mouths. Hahaha. 

Colorful Xiao Long Bao Paradise Dynasty Central Park
Chinese new year will not be complete without Chinese New Year cookies right? My favorite cookie is called Sagu Keju. It's cheesy and crunchy. Damn awesome! You can buy this at any traditional cookie store in shopping malls in Jakarta. Citraland has one. 

Sagu Keju Jakarta Snack
For your information, Paradise Dynasty is located at Central Park basement (the level which is full of food). 

Wishing you all an awesome year ahead! Hope we can enjoy a lot of happy days in our life! ^^

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