Jakarta Eats: Chicken Wings and Lychee Beer at Pizza e Birra, Central Park

Before I know it, holiday is nearly over. I'm flying back to Taipei tomorrow. Gasp! Time still flies in 2014. This afternoon, my high school dear friend treated me for lunch. Woot!

Commuting in Jakarta sucks. So we chose the most conveniently-located mall in between our houses. As usual, here we come, Central Park.

We feel like drinking beer so we chose Pizza e Birra as our lunch venue.

Pizza e Birra Central Park Jakarta

The restaurant is quite spacious and it's still decked in Christmas decorations. I suppose 4th January is still considered Christmassy? Hehe.

Inside Pizza e Birra Jakarta
We ordered chicken wings (which taste quite good).

Chicken Wings Pizza e BIrra Central Park
Something that looks like peperoni pizza (I forgot how they call this dish in the menu. Sorry!! U_U). The pizza taste okay though. So-so level.

Pepperoni Pizza e Birra Central Park
And beer!!! Pizza e Birra serves fruit beer and I really like its lychee beer. Hmm~~~ beer~~~ (I feel like Homer Simpson now.)

Lychee Beer PIzza e Birra Central Park
My dear friend gave me a Christmas gift. Oh my. She should not have. Now she made me feel bad for not preparing any presents. Oops. 

Christmas Gift
Thanks so much dear friend! ^^

Note: Pizza e Birra has a few branches in Jakarta. If you guys are interested in trying the food (and its fruit beer), do visit its website -> https://www.facebook.com/pizzaebirra

Buhbyee holidays...boohoohoo.

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