Taipei Eats: Night-time Food Hunt at Raohe Night Market

After few weeks away from Taipei, I keep drooling whenever I think about Taiwan's street food. Goodness, new year, same old gluttony. This "sin" is hard to break through when you are living in Taipei *excuse*. Hehe. Therefore, due to my gluttony, we are in for another night market post. Woot! (Am I the only one who are excited? Oops!)

This night, we are visiting another famous night market in Taipei, Raohe Night Market.

Raohe St Night Market Taiwan

The nearest MRT station to Raohe Night Market is Houshanpi MRT station. But from the MRT station, you need to walk for a further 1 km (based on the road sign that I saw), so if you are not willing to walk that far, taking a cab is probably a better option for you. 

After passing the gate, we were welcomed with a long queue. Goodness me, what are they queuing for? O_o!

Queue for black pepper bun Raohe St Night Market Taipei

The thing about night market stall is the kitchen is open for your viewing. Hahaha. You are hereby witnessing the making of 胡椒餅 (hújiāo bǐng) or black pepper bun. 

Making black pepper buns Raohe St Night Market Taipei

Being an eating machine, I am more interested in the final product (compared to the production line). One bun will cost you NTD 45. Eat it while it's hot. Yummy! =)

Black Pepper Bun Raohe Night Market Taipei Taiwan

The crowd at Raohe Night Market is no joke. Be prepared to bump into another person while you walk. But it's totally worth it to visit the night market because it has a variety of interesting food. 

Raohe Night Market Crowd Taipei

I still have not muster enough courage to try 豬血糕 (Zhū xiě gāo) or Pig Blood Cake. If you are wondering, yes, they do use real pig blood. Anyone dare to try this? Maybe 2014 is the year to try 豬血糕 ? Hehe. 

Raohe Night Market Pig Blood Cake Taipei

You can find other things than food in Raohe Night Market. The price for the clothes/bags here is cheaper than those sold at Shilin Night Market. 

Clothes Stall Raohe Night Market Taipei

For instance, I bought this MIT (Made-in-Taiwan) bag for NTD300 (after so much bargaining effort, I could only get NTD 50 lesser! U_U). While the same bag in Shilin Night Market will cost me NTD500. Fyi, it is not an easy job to bargain in Taiwan. Or maybe I am just lousy at this skill. 

The design of the bag looks so British and I'm weak at anything British (especially London) because it brings back memories from uni days. Anyway, we should buy something made in Taiwan while we are in Taiwan right? *another excuse*.

Made in Taiwan Bag at Raohe Night Market

While you are in Raohe Night Market, do try out some of its other delicacies like the Egg Roll and the Ice Cream Pancake.

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