Cingjing Farm Eats: Dinner time at Misty Villa

Helloooo, have you seen this lamb before?

Misty Villa Dining Room Cingjing Farm

If you feel that these decorations are somewhat familiar, you are not mistaken. Remember this post ? Yes, we are back at Misty Villa. 

If you ever wonder what did we eat at Cingjing Farm apart from those food at Carton King (see post), well...we never really went out to another place to eat. Why? Simply because the dinner was served by Misty Villa kitchen. Woot! Another reason to start making your booking here? We'll see what they are serving, shall we?

The weather is quite cold up here and nothing will warm you better than a bowl of egg mushroom soup. Slurrppp~~~

Misty Villa Egg Mushroom Soup

Marinated fish with veggie. 

Misty Villa Marinated Fish with Veggie
Chicken drumstick. They will give you one piece per person. So don't eat your friend's portion! (unless they are allergic to chicken I guess)

Chicken Drumstick Misty Villa Dinner
Fresh cabbage with minced pork. Oh, are we eating Korean-style? Hehe.

Misty Villa Cabbage and Minced Pork Dinner
And voila! My favourite dish, eggplant! Yum!

Misty Villa Eggplant Dinner

They taste quite yummy. We were really full to the brim. So happy when people serve us good food. Hehe.

Dinner is inclusive in your staying package at Misty Villa so don't miss it! ^^

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