Taiwan Travel: Green Green Grassland, Cingjing Farm

After we finished walking around the Small Swiss Garden (see previous post), we walked back to Misty Villa to check into our room. Shortly after, the minsu owner offered us a ride if we wanted to go to another tourist spot, Green Green Grassland (青青草原/ Qīngqīng cǎoyuán). As none of us like walking a long distance (lazy-bums), we replied yes with so much enthusiasm.

After..uhm..10 minutes drive I think, we have arrived at the entrance to Green Green Grassland.

Green Green Grassland Cingjing Farm Entrance

Not many visitors on that afternoon because it keeps on drizzling. But, we did not have any other activity to do around Cingjing Farm, so we bought our ticket (cost NTD120 for students, yeay!). We are ready to catch see some lambs. 

Green Green Grassland Ticket Cingjing Farm

Okay, a bit of warnings before you decided to come here. Do Not Wear New Shoes. I repeat. Do Not Wear New Shoes. Why? As you can see, the lambs scatters here and there on the grassland. This means their shits are scattered everywhere too!!! So yeah, you have been warned. =P

Lambs at Green Green Grassland Cingjing Farm

Actually the lambs are not that weak, they will chase you instead if they know you are carrying food. As far as I noticed, the picture in this sign never happens. LOL.

Green Green Grassland Sign Cingjing Farm

At certain timing (we went around 3ish), the staff will open the gate to let a horde of lambs come in (or charge in?). It's quite a spectacle since there are so many of them. Big and small. 

Horde of lambs Green Green Grassland

If you are not really a fan of lambs, you can go to watch the riding horse show. The horses are manned by a group of Russian. I guess they are able to find niche jobs here in Taiwan. The shows start around 3ish too I guess because when we arrived around 4, the show was already at the final stage. The show is free but you can donate some money for their performers to appreciate their hard work. 

Horse riding show Green Green Grassland Cingjing Farm

If you are looking for some souvenirs, you will be able to buy them at roadside stall or souvenir stall inside the mountain pasture. 

Green Green Grassland Souvenirs Cingjing Farm

The view from the top of the mountain pasture is really awesome so I still suggest you to visit the place even though you may not be a fan of lambs and horses. =)

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