Long and winding road at Taroko National Park

Did you still remember about the trip to Cingjing Farm? If you don't, you can see it herehere and here . Actually the trip is not ended there but yeah, I got distracted along the way with my blog posts. =P

If you plan to go to Cingjing Farm, you can continue your trip to one of the most awesome tourist place in Taiwan, Taroko Gorge. Although the route there is farther from Cingjing Farm as compared from Hualien. We spent around 8 hours by car from Cingjing Farm to reach Hualien but we choose the route via Taroko Gorge. You'll see a lot of awesome sceneries in between this route.

Because of this long hours drive, we departed around 8AM from Misty Villa (see my review on Misty Villa here ). Our taxi driver picked us from the accommodation directly and we are ready to visit Taroko National Park (太魯閣國家公園/ Tài lǔ gé guójiā gōngyuán). You will reach the mountain peak within 2 hours drive from Cingjing Farm (if I'm not wrong).

Taroko National Park Taiwan

The first point in Taroko National Park (from Cingjing Farm direction) is Hehuanshan National Forest Recreation Area. This is kinda like the top of mountain and the weather here is freezing cold. Brrrr~~~

Hehuanshan National Forest Recreation Area
Despite the freezing temperature, the mountain scenery that morning was so beautiful. ^^

Hehuanshan Scenery Taiwan
If you need a toilet break, this is your chance! Because the next stop will take another 1 - 2 hours by car. O_o!

And the cab driver drove in a foggy condition. This will make the drive kinda...thrilling (or scary??) I suppose. 

Foggy road Taroko National Park
The cab driver is quite nice to stop along the way whenever there is pretty scenery. He wanted to show us the view of clouds descending upon the mountains and hence, he stopped here and helped us take picture. =)

Taroko Mountain View
Another shot along the way when the clouds have cleared up. I love seeing greeneries. It has..calming effect somehow. ^^

Taroko National Park Forest
If you are those people who easily get hungry, not to worry! I'll show you in my next post where to eat along the Taroko route. There are only two restaurants to pick from though. Hehe.

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