Luroufan saved the day

It is one of those days when I feel kinda under-the-weather. I wonder if it is really due to the weather since it's still winter now. In times like these, my friend posted this kind of link ->

If you are free, you can take a look at the above link. Otherwise, you can follow my way of becoming happy. By filling my tummy. I suppose happy does not always mean healthy. =P

I'm lazy to walk far in the cold so I went to the neighborhood on-the-wall restaurant, 客家 (Kèjiā). This restaurant is located just opposite Wellcome and next to Comebuy bubble tea stall.

on the wall restaurant taiwan
If you are curious on what does this place offer. The price for the food are quite student-friendly. =)

I stick to the good ol' 滷肉飯 (Lǔ ròu fàn). It looks so fattening but I like this food. Cannot beat the one sold by Formosa Chang though. 

Saw a lot of people ordering the fish soup. Maybe it's not bad too. I guess I'll be back next time for the fish soup. 

I was a little bored after eating so I went to my favourite store, 7-11 to buy some things for dinner. I love the onigiri the most. And this one came with egg and pork floss. Awesome, eh? Heard you will not find this in Japan. Hahaha. 

Taiwan 7-11 Onigiri
You can get the onigiri + one choice of drink (only for certain brands) for NTD 39. They rotate the choice of the drinks everyday so customer will not get bored. ^^

Taiwan 7-11 Grape Juice
So, do you have a good day today? If you are feeling lousy like me, I suppose the least thing you can do is filling your tummy with good stuff and probably go for a little shopping or "window shopping". Hehe. 

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