My student's meal at 7-11

I'm broke. Like really broke. *facepalm*

And hence I tried to hold back from eating at restaurants. And stick to my beloved 7-11. XD

If you are broke too, welcome to the world of 便利商店 (Biànlì shāngdiàn/ convenience store). Fyi, 7-11 near Wanlong MRT Station have a big eating space downstair. =P

Wanlong MRT 7-11
Cup noodle is definitely my comfort food in times of no-money. And the cup noodles sold in Taiwan taste awesome. Don't ask me about the healthy contents in this cup noodle though.

Taiwan Cup Noodle 711
Sharing crackers with my friend. The menu is getting healthier as ever. *sarcasm*

Taiwan Pea Crackers
This snack taste a bit spicy but nice. Crunch crunch.

Taiwan Pea Crackers Snack
To balance the diet, I bought strawberry yakult (多多/ duōduō). 

What's your favourite convenience store food? I wonder if 7-11 in Japan sells the same thing. 

If you are bored of eating 7-11 food, you can try different varieties from other convenience stores like Family Mart or Hi-Life. =)

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