Night Market Food: Fried Milk

It is time for another night market food post. Nom nom nom.

Fried Milk is not a new thing I suppose. And every country has its own version of this well-known street food. So how do the locals sell this delicacy? Let's see the one sold at Shilin Night Market.

For a start, the cart and the seller's apron is totally in the theme. =P

Taiwan Fried Milk

These are the pre-fried milk cubes. Looks like milk candy? 

Fried Milk Cube Taiwan Night Market
You can see from the sign that 1 stick of these food will cost you NTD 20. You can buy 3 sticks for NTD50. 

The seller will fry it for few minutes before giving it to you. When the fried milk was given to you, it will look like this. Yes, how on earth does it become round? Hahaha.

Fried Milk Taiwan Shilin Night Market
It's extremely hot. Be careful and don't burn your tongue. Eat this slowly, okay? Hehe. Taste-wise, it taste a bit sweet but still okay, not too sweet I suppose. This delicacy can be easily found in any night market in Taiwan. I've seen this stall at Shilin and Raohe Night Market. So if you want to be sure, you can just go to either one of these night markets.

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