Spring in Taiwan: Small Swiss Garden at Cingjing Farm

I am back in Taipei!! Brrrr~~~~

Hmm I did not really go back home for a long time because my mum has to go to work and my bro has to go to uni. We only have one day holiday for Chinese New Year in Indonesia. Lousy!

Has anyone planned for a travel trip in 2014? If not, continuing my previous posts here, here and here in Cingjing Farm, we are gonna exploring another place today, Small Swiss Garden (小瑞士花園/ xiǎo ruìshì huāyuán). If you are wondering where it is located, you don't have to look that far from Carton King. The gate is within the complex.

Swiss Garden Cingjing Farm Taiwan

Here is the entrance fee to enter Swiss Garden. The awesome thing about being a student in Taiwan is you can get a lot of discounted price, including the entrance fee. 

Entrance Fees Swiss Garden Cingjing Farm

The garden is also known as Taiwan's little Switzerland. I've never been to a garden in Switzerland so I would not know how it looks like. Pity. 

Small Swiss Garden Cingjing Farm Taiwan

Seems like lavender is the key flower displayed here. I don't mind it a bit because I love purple. 

Small Swiss Garden Lavender Farm Cingjing Farm

Hmm, since they put a windmill in the garden, should not they call it a Holland Garden instead? Hehe, just an idea. 

Windmill Cingjing Farm Taiwan

If you are not a fan of purple, the garden has red and pink flowers too. 

Small Swiss Garden Red and PInk Flowers

Last but not least, we spotted a cute family of ducks. Seems like they are enjoying a peaceful life in the garden. Envy. 

Cute family of ducks small Swiss Garden Cingjing Farm

The garden is not that big (well they do name it small Swiss garden) so you will not probably only need 30 minutes inside the park. This should give you ample time to check out other places in Cingjing Farm like Green Green Grassland, which I'm gonna cover in the next post. =)

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