Taipei Arena Adventure

Do you ever wonder where do the locals go when there is a concert? If you do, you will find out now.

I was bored one fine weekend (oh boy, why do I often get bored?) and I decided to take a stroll around the usual concert venue in Taipei, Taipei Arena (台北小巨蛋/ Táiběi xiǎo jù dàn). I think there are more places to hold concert in Taipei but at the moment, Taipei Arena is the biggest one (they are building a bigger place near Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall MRT station but it won't be ready this year).

Taipei Arena
Taipei Arena is quite big and it is usually used for sporting event or center-stage performances. I took the MRT to Nanjing East Road MRT station. From there, I walk for about 500m (yes, it's not that near!!) before I see the stadium. Other than the concert hall, there is an ice rink inside as well.

Taipei Arena Taiwan
When I wandered around here, SNSD was going to have a performance at night. I did not buy the ticket because their ticket is pretty expensive. *sob* *sob*

You can also check their website to see the full schedule of the performances -

Taipei Arena Concert Schedule
Since there are a lot of Korean singer having a concert here, there is a pop up store for all K-pop merchandise here. That day, I saw a lot of SNSD official merchandises inside. 

Taipei Arena Merchandise Store
If you cannot find what you want inside the store, no fret. Whenever there is a concert, there will be a lot of sellers selling the singer's/the group's/ the idol's merchandise outside Taipei Arena. 

Taipei Arena Stores
Caps, T-shirts, lightstick, you name it, they sell it. You can bargain the price too. 

Taipei Arena SNSD merchandise
If you are hungry, there is a McD in the vicinity. But if you are walking from Nanjing East Road MRT station to Taipei Arena, I suggest you pay attention to your left side. Because somewhere in the middle (I think it's near Brother Hotel), there's a rice-ball/sushi store and the rice-ball/sushi looks so awesome!

Nanjing East Road Sushi
You can simply do a pick and match. I got myself a box of rice-ball and sushi for my late-lunch. Hehehe. This box costs 150 NTD. Yummyyy! 

I suppose staying at Brother Hotel is really convenient if you want to go to watch concert in Taipei. After all, it's near Taipei Arena, near the MRT and there's a yummy rice-ball/ sushi place just next to it. If you are interested to try, you can go check hotel .

Brother Hotel Sushi Taiwan
So, anyone fancy carrying rice-ball to concert? =P

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