Taiwan Travel: Yue Fei Pavilion, Taroko National Park

I had to admire the taxi driver for not falling asleep together with us. Hahaha. He woke us up when we reached one of the touristy spots in Taroko National Park, Yue Fei Pavilion. Just a bit of background, Yue Fei is a great general and national hero of the Southern Song Dynasty. His famous quote is "If officials do not like money and generals do not fear death, the world will be in peace." I kinda agree with the first part but the second part, does that mean more war???

Yue Fei Pavilion Information Notes Taiwan

The whole great story of Yue Fei happened in China. The pavilion is simply named after him, and hence it's called Yue Fei Pavilion. 

Yue Fei Pavilion Taroko National Park Taiwan
There is a suspension bridge near the pavilion. It looks quite scary. 

Yue Fei Pavilion Suspension Bridge Taroko Taiwan
Make sure you follow the warning, okay! =P

Taroko Suspension Bridge Warning Taiwan

This is the view from the bridge. I did not cross over because it was pretty scary. 

Taroko National Park Rocks Taiwan
Our cab driver is waiting for us near the main road. If you happen to be here, go take a look at the view at the other side of the bridge. 

Taroko Bridge Hualien Taiwan
It is pretty awesome, right? =)

Taroko National Park Scenery Taiwan
There are more beautiful scenery to see in Taroko National Park. So, we hopped back into our cab and continue our journey. Exciting! ^^

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