Spring in Taiwan: Viewing Sakura at Yangmingshan

If you never ever see sakura in your life, you may have the chance to do so in Taiwan. Yep, you read that correctly, you do not have to buy your ticket to Japan just to see sakura. You can simply go to Yangmingshan National Park.

There are a number of ways to go to Yangmingshan. You can get the detail here . I opted to go to Jiantan MRT station and ride R5 bus all the way to the last stop, Yangmingshan.

From the last stop, you still need to take a smaller bus to visit the scenic spots at Yangmingshan. To be honest with you, I did not really know which bus I should take after I stepped down the R5 bus. I overheard a bus driver shouting 花鐘 (huā zhōng/ Flower Clock) and simply rode that bus because I read that name before somewhere in the internet. Trust your intuition much, eh? Hehe.

I glad I did, I love this place!! I hereby welcome you to Yangmingshan Flower Clock (陽明山花鐘/ Yángmíngshān huā zhōng). =D

Yangmingshan Flower Clock Taiwan

The flowers here are oh-so-pretty. ^^

Yellow Flowers at Yangmingshan Spring
And there are the cherry blossoms trees. Sakura season is rather unpredictable. I was glad to be able to catch it before all the flowers petal drop to the ground. 

Yangmingshan Sakura Trees Taiwan

Close-up shot of the beautiful flowers. For your information, sakura is called 櫻花 (Yīnghuā) in Chinese. 

Yangmingshan Sakura Taiwan Spring

There are other flowers in the vicinity too. These flowers are pretty-in-pink. Just like the sakura? Hehe. 

Yangmingshan Pink Flowers Taiwan
Another type of flowers, this time in red. 

Yangmingshan Red Flowers Spring
Are you a fan of flowers? If yes, you must go to Yangmingshan in spring. The air is fresh and the flowers are pretty. Make sure you layer up properly though because the weather can be rather cold up here in the mountain. Is sakura your most favourite flower? For me, it surely is. =)

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