Eating Taiwan Snacks with You who Came from the Star

How's everyone doing? Lately I did not have enough sleep. Not due to my active social life though. (Actually, I'm kinda anti-social. XD). I stayed up late at night to catch... man from the star. Kyaa~~

I have a habit of not-finishing-watching (okay, pardon my grammar) K-drama. But I've made exception for this series because the drama is just so addictive. I've found out about the drama from...LINE stickers. Hahaha. I suppose Line did a good job in the marketing department. LOL.

LINE Cony Cheon Song Yi
The not-so-healthy-thing about following a drama series is that you end up munching a lot of snacks (or is it just me?). Like the squid snack that I've bought from 7-11.

Squid snack 7-11
This is how they look like inside the bag.

Squid crackers 7-11
I am also busy munching on...Japanese version of Oreo cookies. Hahaha.

And don't forget the dessert, mango ice cream. Oh gosh. It's already good enough I do not watch the show while having chicken and beer, I suppose? =P

Nom Nom Nom.

All snacks above can be bought in any 7-11 convenience stores scattered all across Taiwan. 

Have you watched the show? If yes, are you pro-Do Min Joon oppa or Lee Hwi Kyung oppa? ^^

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